The design of our products, a synergy of first-class quality and pure lifestyle, explains why some people want to call those ideas their own.

The company UNITED TECHNICS, based in Europe, USA & Asia, has set itself the task to bring unique and universal items on the market that make the hearts of consumers beat faster. From the 3D passive mini projector to the transportable, self-sufficient energy system based on state-of-the-art photovoltaic technology for tablets and mobile phones. Everything produced by professionals for connoisseurs. New business areas such as the opening of VR Arcade Entertainment Zones complete the offerings. Join us on a journey into the world of gadgets, we warmly welcome you to UNITED TECHNICS!


Greatest VR Entertainment for you

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Unique qualities

Our mission: to make the impossible possible!

The design of our products, a synergy of first-class quality and pure lifestyle explain why some people want to call their ideas their own.

Products with effect

For example the TRAVELER. For the mobile phone, it is on the one hand a noble protective cover and on the other a self-sufficient energy source.

Environmentally friendly

With our products you protect the climate through the use of natural resources.

customer contact

guarantees the best service for our customers.

Our TOP product for you

The Traveler for the mobile phone. Protective cover, self-sufficient power source, charging cable and camera lid all in one.

Light as an energy source

Solar cell for self-sufficient use without necessary power connection

Real leather & Aramids in any size

Genuine leather and aramids processed to the highest standards in any size you need for your phone

Perfect hold

Perfect hold of any mobile phone thanks to the octopus nubs technology

Perfect workmanship

finished by hand, guarantee a top quality

Charging cable hidden integrated

Never carry an extra cable with you

Camera slider integrated

The Traveler also has a built-in camera slider, passing the times in which you had to take the phone out of the protective case ...


more products

Here you can see more products from us.

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